Dominic Thiem is again the focus of current affairs in the world of tennis after his statements at the end of April, in which he stated that “I don't see why giving money to low-ranking tennis players, many are not professionals.” An opinion disagreeing with that of a good part of the circuit that did support Novak Djokovic's proposal helping lower ranking players with their lack of income due to lack of competition due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the last voices to speak out on Thiem's ​​decision was Algerian tennis player Ines Ibbou, who wrote an open letter to the Austrian tennis player in which I said that “we do not ask you for anything, only respect for our sacrifice”.

Following Ibbou's letter, several tennis players have come to Thiem's ​​defense. One of these players has been the Australian Arina Rodionova, 152 in the WTA ranking in singles and 69th in the doubles ranking. Rodionova does not see a selfish position in the Austrian's decision. “It is an unpopular opinion, but here we go. I think everyone needs to leave Dominic Thiem alone after saying that he doesn't want to give money to the lowest ranked players. Regardless of how much money you have made in your career and this year (everyone keeps counting their money), it's your money and you can do whatever you want with it. “

For Rodionova, the culprits for this difference in income between low-ranking players and big stars are organizations like the ITF, which he asks to find a solution. “It is not their fault that the lower ranked players are not making 'enough' money. It is an ITF mistake and it is they who must fix it. He shouldn't be hated because he's good at tennis and doesn't want to share his money, “said the Australian.


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