Rocio Carrasco She has talked about all the good things that it has for her Fidel Albiac, the great man of her life. The daughter of The greatest has said that she “loves it whole” and has showered him with praise. She has also remembered her wedding day, which was held on September 7, 2016 in Valdepalacios de Torrico, in Toledo, after almost 20 years of relationship.

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“I love him all (…) My husband is like wine, as time goes by, the better it is. It always gets better,” Rociito confessed this Wednesday on her friend’s podcast Alba Carrillo y Nagore Robles. “It’s great,” she added. Although they tried to get negative aspects of him out of him, there was no way. “He’s a very early riser… It’s just that there’s nothing that bothers me about him. He’s a super equitable guy.”

However, the mother of Rocío and David Flores does not feel like a complete woman: “I cannot tell you that I am happy because there are things that I will not be able to change and I have to learn to live that way, but it is true that there are things that leave you on the way to being happy”.

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On the other hand, on his wedding day, which only Chayo Mohedano attended as part of his media family, he assured that he has all the photos well stored in a folder that he titled: “The happiest day of my life.” The wedding was attended by Alba themselves, with whom she became friends as a result of talk to themand Nagore, as the bride of Sandra Barneda.