Regragui: “Children in Morocco dream of winning a World Cup”


Morocco’s coach, Walid Reagragui, appreciated the scope of his team’s success in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, for allowing an entire continent to dream of a world title, after losing in the duel for third place against Croatia (2- 1).

“There were doubts in everyone before the tournament, we have gone further than expected but it is not enough. This has to be the example for the future,” he said after the defeat against the Croats.

Regragui claimed his team’s greatest achievement, the best African result in World Cup history. “Something that has moved me is seeing the photos of the children, soccer makes people dream. We have made children dream, we have kept those dreams alive,” he commented.

“Children in Morocco and around the world dream of winning a World Cup, and that means more to me than any victory in any World Cup match,” he added.

“We have achieved incredible success, but we want to do it again. If we can continue to reach the semifinals or quarterfinals regularly, one day we will win the World Cup. We have shown that the distance between Africa and Europe has been reduced to small details,” he concluded. .