Real Zaragoza beat UD Las Palmas by 2-3 on Saturday in a game full of scoring chances in both goals, with an exchange of blows that was chosen for an Aragonese team that chains its third victory and continues to look up in the classification of LaLiga SamrtBank.

The first half hour was of complete local dominance, imposing their inner game, with rapid movement of the ball and a flow of offensive football that although Zaragoza knew, they could not stop.

Kirian had the clearest chance with a right hand from outside the area that crashed into both posts, and Cristian Álvarez later parried a shot from Jonathan Viera.

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Las Palmas found the prize for a set piece in a foul on the left vertex of the area that Viera executed and Raúl Navas touched just enough to mislead the defense and goalkeeper.

Zaragoza tried to surprise with spaces and did so with a cross delivery from Eguaras to which Fran Gámez arrived, and the side left his heel for Bermejo, who, free of mark, shot Raúl Fernández with his left foot.

And in the best moment of his hands, Borja Sáinz forgave the second before the break with a deflected shot inside the area.

The second half started like the first, with dangerous arrivals from the island team and chances for Viera and Jesé, but the one who hit was his rival, with a shot from the former yellow Juanjo Narváez that turned into an assist for Álvaro Giménez to deflect the ball to the net with a subtle touch.

The meeting became an exchange of blows, the Aragonese team forgave when the Sports Union was touched and allowed Benito to tie by taking advantage of a ball that Cristian Álvarez, savior in many actions and insecure in some other, failed to catch in a low center of Jesé.

When Zaragoza was having the worst, with the local team unleashed, Bermejo put a precise cross into the area where Álvaro Giménez took advantage of defensive passivity to head the net for 2-3.

Las Palmas risked with substitutions in search of a tie, while Juan Ignacio Martínez closed the game with defensive changes to secure victory and end the island team’s unbeaten at home. Zaragoza closes the circle, because it had been the last to win in Gran Canaria, six months ago.

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UD Las Palmas: Raúl Fernández; Ale Díez (Clau Mendes, min. 81), Álex Suárez, Raúl Navas, Sergi Cardona; Clemente (Sadiku, min. 65), Fabio (Benito, min. 46), Loiodice, Jonathan Viera; Kirian (Maikel Mesa, min. 76) and Jesé.
Real Zaragoza: Cristian Álvarez; Fran Gámez, Lluís López, Jair, Chavarría (Nieto, min. 44); Bermejo (Clemente, min. 80), Zapater, Eguaras, James Igbekeme (Vada, min. 46), Borja Sáinz (Narváez, min. 46); and Álvaro Giménez (Iván Azón, min. 80).
Goals: 1-0, min. 23: Raúl Navas. 1-1, min. 33: Bermejo. 1-2, min. 54: Álvaro Giménez. 2-2, min. 67: Benito. 2-3, min. 75: Álvaro Giménez.
Referee: Álvaro Moreno Aragón (Madrid Committee). He showed a yellow card to local players Álex Suárez and Jonathan Viera, as well as visitors Lluís López and Fran Gámez.
Incidents: Match of the sixteenth day of LaLiga SmartBank played this Saturday at the Gran Canaria Stadium before 13,432 spectators.

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