Barça B is still launched in Group II of the First RFEF. After the two wins against Linares (1-2) and Sevilla At. (4-0) with Albert Capellas on the bench on an interim basis due to the temporary promotion to the first team of Sergi Barjuan, the subsidiary signed the third consecutive victory in a row against Atlético Sanluqueño (0-2) in the return of the starting coach. The Barça team, which has gone through six games without losing with four games won and two tied, is already third.

Rolled Angel, with his fifth league goal shortly before the break, and Ferran Jutglà, with their fourth target at the beginning of the second half, they signed the two goals of a Barça B more serious than brilliant, as the irregular lawn of El Palmar required. The popio Jutglà, the best, made the assist at 0-1 and Abde, very destabilizing, gave the 0-2 in a game with a leading role from the extremes.

Precisely without Ilias, injured in an ankle after his double to the Sevilla subsidiary, Sergi Barjuan made a modification in the ends that could be key. Against the usual, Abde entered from the left with a changed leg and Jutglá he did it on the right. It worked. The first brushed the goal with two individual actions before the break and the second, the same, but attending Rolled at 44 ‘to score 0-1 with a header.

The At. Sanluqueño only had one chance in the first half, but it was very clear. Miguelete, ex from La Masia, was able to score just before the 0-1, but was forced and finished high.

Barça B came out in the second half with a decision for the sentence and Jutglá scored the 0-2 in the 54th minute after a genius of Abde. However, when the party was more controlled, the red came to Ndiaye in 72 ‘for two yellow cards and the subsidiary had to suffer the attacks with more heart than the head of Atlético Sanluqueño, already with the legendary Dani Güiza centering balls at 41 years old. Did not mark Canillas miracle and the subsidiary resisted with insurance Iñaki Peña to celebrate the triumph.

At. Sanluqueño: Isma Falcón; Navas, Javi Barrio, Pelón, Ramón Riego; Hassane (Azkue, 55 ‘), Theo García (Toni García, 60’); Armental (Lucas Gaúcho, 60 ‘), Miguelete, Navarro (Güiza, 68’); and Cervero (Canillas, 55 ‘)
Coach: Pedro Buenaventura
Barça B: Iñaki Peña; Guillem Jaime, Comas (Ramos Mingo, 75 ‘), Mika Mármol, Ndiaye; Aranda (Lucas de Vega, 85 ‘), Álvaro Sanz, Matheus; Ferran Jutglà (Peque Polo, 85 ‘), Rodado (Arnau Solà, 75’) and Abde (Peque, 67 ‘)
Coach: Sergi Barjuan
Goals: 0-1, Rolled (44 ‘); 0-2, Jutglà (54 ‘)
Spectators: 4,000 in El Palmar
Referee: Lluís Bestard Servera (Balearic Committee). Red to Ndiaye (72 ‘) by two yellows (63’ and 72 ‘) and yellows to Hassane (15’), Matheus (21 ‘), Navarro (59’), Barrio (64 ‘), Lucas de Vega (90’) ) and Peque Polo (91 ‘)

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