Real Madrid is the LaLiga leader of the year 2020. Zidane's team finishes the calendar year in first position with 83 points, beating Atlético, with 73 (and two games less) and Barcelona, ​​which is third with 68 (and one game less). One of the keys to this success was the end of the League after the return from the break due to COVID-19, in which the whites signed nine victories and a draw in ten games, to finish snatching the title from Barça. It should also be noted that the tie came when the meringues had already won League champions.

Real Madrid revalidates this honor four years later and it is that the last three have been of absolute dominance blaugrana. The numbers of the whites this year have been: 26 victories, five draws and only five defeats; with 65 goals in favor and 28 against. Numbers that place him as the first, but that suggest that during this last year the First Division has been more even than everIn order to find such a low number of points in the 'leader', we have to go back to 2008, in which Barça and Villarreal were the first, with 74 points.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The 2020 classification reflects other things, such as the good moment that Atlético is going through, which ends the calendar year in second position as it did two seasons ago. This success is due to the spectacular start of the Cholo team this season, in which they have added eleven victories, two draws and only one defeat, to finish the year as leaders of the classification, with two points of advantage over Real Madrid and two games less.

If the 2020 table were defining to award European positions, Sevilla (62 points) 'would accompany' Real Madrid, Atlético and Barcelona to the Champions League; while Villarreal and Granada would go to the Europa League. Especially noteworthy is the milestone of Diego Martínez's team, which finished last season in seventh position, which gave him the opportunity to play in the Europa League and that despite the physical wear and tear that this entails, he is currently marching in the same seventh.

Elche, Espanyol and Huesca appear at the bottom as the last three. It should be noted that none of the three has played as many First Division matches this calendar year, as most teams. The people of Elche and the Alto Aragonese have only played 14 and 16 rounds respectively; while the Catalans fell after a year to forget: in 20 games, they only won three, with six draws and eleven defeats.

Messi, top scorer of the year

Messi is the top scorer again. The Argentinian It has been four calendar years without rival in this section, since Luis Súarez achieved it in 2016. It is true that the Barça forward has lowered his performance in front of goal and in 2020 he has finished as the top scorer with only 19 goals. In second position appears Gerard Moreno, with 18 and third is Benzema, with 17. Messi is also the player with the most goal assists (16), the most shots on goal (88) and the most shots on the post (seven). The player who has scored the most goals from the penalty spot is Sevilla's Ocampos, who scored eight of his 12 goals from eleven meters.

Fekir, the one who receives the most fouls

Betic Fekir is the player who has received the most fouls in 2020, 97 (3.12 per game). For his part Mikel Merino, from Real Sociedad is the one who has committed the most, 86 (2.52 per game). Íñigo Martínez, from Athletic, leads the classification of yellow cards received (14) Finally, in the goalkeepers section, Levantine Aitor Fernández was the goalkeeper who completed the most saves. The Basque supported his team with 117 interventions (3.77 per game).

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