The decision of Sergio Bouquets it's going to be official in the next few weeks. His renewal with Madrid remains stranded and neither side moves from their posture. The club does not improve its offer (one more year of contract and the salary that he currently receives with a 10% salary reduction) and the captain, whose objective is to remain in white, asks for one more season. The problem is that time is running out and nobody finds a solution. There are less than two weeks until the League ends and a month and a half until the link between Ramos and Madrid ends.

To all this, big clubs approach the player's environment to know their situation first-hand and prepare an offer for the next few weeks. For now there has been no firm offer, but the captain is aware of the interest. The one who seems most devoted to hiring him is the Paris Saint-Germain and the winks between the two are constant.

Ramos already announced in January Florentine in the famous meeting that both had in Elche the night before a league game. “PSG has told me that they will make a great team with me and Messi“, the central assured the president. Although the hiring of the Argentine seems difficult, that of the camero if possible. In fact, Pochettino opened the way at a press conference a few days ago.

“Sergio Ramos to PSG? I'm not going to answer because anything could be misinterpreted … Sergio is currently a Real Madrid player. But what I can tell you is that, like every team, we all want to improve some positions”, Assured the trainer. It should be remembered that the French team has been a couple of seasons in need of reinforcing the defense and now they see in Ramos an ideal candidate for price and experience, although they also follow in the footsteps of their partner Raphael Varane.

The Real Madrid captain has also fueled rumors through social media. On the same day he began to follow several PSG footballers on Instagram, a gesture that many fans understood as a first step to establish a relationship with them.

Neymar factor

Another aspect that can be definitive to see Ramos at PSG is Neymar's renewal. The Brazilian promised to extend his contract with them in exchange for, in addition to a good salary, a winning project in the short and medium term, a request that the board is willing to comply with.

The relationship between Ney and Ramos is very good. Both have been worn by the same brand for a long time, Nike, before the forward left for Puma. In addition, compliments have been exchanged in recent years. The Brazilian assured in 2019 that the Sevillian has been the most complicated center-back he has faced. They also exchange messages on social networks. In fact, when the PSG star announced his renewal on Instagram, Ramos celebrated by commenting on the post with applause emoticons in what many considered a new gesture of his approach to Paris.

Nonetheless, Sergio's intention continues to be to continue at Real Madrid. The captain wants to finish his career at the Bernabéu and knows that Florentino is preparing a winning project that he wants to be part of. He will wait until the end to make a decision, and everything indicates that it will be between two options: Madrid or PSG.


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