Princess Eleanor and her love from Wales: his name is Gabriel and he is Brazilian

Leonor graduated with his classmates from UWC Atlantic College in Wales on May 20. There were 165 who completed the International Baccalaureate cycle (IB2). One of them is called Gabriel and it seems that it is the new illusion of the princess. It is published by the German weekly Colorful. Is there any relationship between this friendship and the much talked about pendant of the heiress that she wore with the word love in Arabic?

The Germanic medium gives details of Leonor’s partner. Like his parents, of Brazilian origin, moved to New York where he grew up. He resides with his family in a condominium near the Hudson River and attended a private high school in Brooklyn, where she received a program similar to UWC’s, which favors diversity and inclusion.

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Soccer, languages ​​and art

Gabriel, very fond of soccer, speaks several languages, such as English and Portuguese and a little German, according to Bunte. Also, he really likes art. The young man’s mother is a highly successful advertising professional and his father is an investment banker at Deutsche Bank. An expert in finance, he graduated in Philosophy in the USA.