Match analysis. “In the end we are very result-oriented, but before 2-0 we had the game under control. The only must is the second goal, otherwise you could have seen another game, but that penalizes you especially against this type of team. I have little to blame the players because the team played a good game. The pity it gives me is that I think we give a good image and it is not reflected by the result. We have to reset and think about next weekend to get a victory to mathematically achieve the goal. Nobody is going to relax because it is very important to finish well ”.

Controversial plays. De Tomás was able to take the ball with his hand in the 1-0 and possible penalty on Jairo taken out of the area. “We already have experience this year of so many situations that have occurred, normally I do not see all the actions because you can comment on certain things that you later regret. When I see them I will give my opinion, but the work of the referees is very difficult. An image is worth it. more than a thousand words and the fan has a privileged vision to give their opinion ”.

Coat of Arms / Flag Málaga

Comparison with Espanyol, “Healthy envy of a team that dropped last year and that for doing things well is going to return to the First Division. I am left with the image that we have made it tremendously complicated but the result does not reflect it. Bittersweet flavor because we are penalized too much by certain aspects that we work a lot with, those little details. Things that we must continue working on and improving but I cannot blame the group for anything, we are not looking for excuses ”.

Your renewal. “It is an issue that we have to talk about this week and it will be clarified, I don't want distractions, we have to focus because we have one victory left and what I want is to win all five games because it is very important to finish well for the following season.”

Changes in the eleven and playing with five behind. “We have certain injured players, I was looking for a balance. We thought it was a good day for Ismael or Christ, it was a bit of adjusting and thinking that with that structure we could take the game where we wanted ”.

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