Min. 00The broadcast of the meeting reaches here! A pleasure and until next time!

Min. 00This is the eighth time that Eibar has won by a score of 3-0 in the league, all of them at home. It is the first 3-0 in favor of the gunsmiths in the competition since February 2020 against Levante. Eibar is four points from salvation, waiting for what Huesca, Elche and Valladolid do. Alavés will also be watching these three teams, as they could sleep tonight in relegation places after this defeat.

Min. 00Final in Ipurúa! Eibar thrashed Alavés and keeps their dream of staying in the First Division alive. Three goals from Kike García ended up deciding the result of the gunsmith side, against an Alavés who at no time got answers during the commitment. The pressure and intensity of the Guipuzcoans from the beginning was key to achieving this result today.


Min. 90Eibar takes the ball out of its area.

Min. 90Corner for Alavés.

Min. 90Four minutes are added to the end of the match.

Min. 90Sergi Enrich's deflected shot!

Min. 88Alavés attack in these final minutes, but they do so without bothering Dmitrovic.

Min. 86Sergio Álvarez jumps onto the field and Rober Correa retires in the gunsmith team.

Min. 85The last minutes of the match pass between change and change of both parties. Another variant is coming in Eibar.

Min. 83And Inui also enters Eibar, for Bryan Gil.

Min. 83The party figure is retired! Kike García, author of the three gunsmith goals, leaves for Muto to enter.

Min. 81Another change from Javi Calleja. Deyverson enters and Joselu leaves.

Min. 80BY LITTLE BORJA SAINZ! Alavés player's first volley shot from outside the area!

Min 79Corner for Alavés.

Min. 78Kike García has been very effective this afternoon in front of the door. The armero striker has scored in each of the three shots on goal executed so far.

Min. 74Guidetti grabs her bite on the far post! Goal kick for Dmitrovic.

Min. 74Corner for Alavés.

Min. 73The rhythm of the game has dropped considerably in Ipurúa. Eibar, comfortable with the advantage on the scoreboard.

Min. 71Pacheco fists to get the ball out of his area.

Min. 70Interesting foul for the gunsmiths, near the apex of the rival area.

Min. 69New corner for Eibar, the tenth for them.

Min. 68A very deviant shot by Pere Pons from outside the area!

Min. 66They lose a couple of minutes after an aerial clash between Kike García and an Alavés footballer.

Min. 64And Borja Sainz enters for Jota Peleteiro.

Min. 64Another double change in Alavés. Enter Guidetti for Lucas Pérez.

Min. 61Kike García's triplet to excite the gunsmiths! How late the Motilla del Palancar striker is having!

Min. 60EIBAR GOOOL !!! GOAL FROM KIKE GARCÍA! EIBAR 3-0 Alavés! But what a great goal Kike García just did! Spectacular shot of the '17' from the side of the goal, almost without angle, to place the ball in the square on the far post!

Min. 58Battaglia is the second footballer from Alavés and from the match to see the yellow card.

Min. 57Pere Pons also enters for the admonished Tomás Pina.

Min. 57And now it is Javi Calleja who moves the bench with a double change. Enter Luis Rioja for Edgar Méndez.

Min. 55Mendilibar makes the first change of the match. Rafa Soares jumps onto the pitch and Cote leaves.

Min. 52Eibar extends its advantage! With his double today, Kike García has already scored six of the last eight goals for the gunsmiths in the competition.

Min. 51EIBAR GOOOL !!! GOAL FROM KIKE GARCÍA! EIBAR 2-0 Alavés! Once again, Kike García, who anticipates Lejeune in the area and finishes off a center by Edu Expósito with the outside of his foot!

Min. 50CATCH DMITROVIC! Battaglia header, adjusted from below, but Dmitrovic stretches to get the ball!

Min. 49Corner for Alavés after a blocked header to Lejeune.

Min. 47We will see how Eibar not only manages this partial advantage in the second half, but also if it manages to extend it.


Min. 01Eibar picks up a bit of momentum with this partial result, but there are still 45 minutes to go.

Min. 01Rest in Ipurúa! Eibar beats Alavés by the minimum with a very early goal from Kike García. The '17' of the gunsmiths took advantage of an assist from Bryan Gil to beat Pacheco at minute three. Eibar has been much more than Alavés in this first half, although they have achieved an advantage of only one goal. The babazorros have bothered very little both behind the locals and Dmitrovic, and they have not managed to bring Joselu and Lucas Pérez into play.


Min. 45Corner for Alavés, the first for the visitors.

Min. 45Two minutes are added.

Min. 45The ball passes the small area and ends up being cleared by an Alavés footballer on the far post!

Min. 45New corner kick for the gunsmiths, their seventh.

Min. 45Tomás Pina sees the first yellow for an infraction on Sergi Enrich.

Min 42There are already six corners executed by the local team, but it has not achieved general danger in any of them.

Min. 41Corner for Eibar.

Min 40PACHECO STOP! Great response from the Alavés goalkeeper to get a shot almost point-blank from Bryan Gil in the area!

Min 39Lucas Pérez has not yet participated much in the game, but only against Valencia (6) has the '7' babazorro scored more goals in the League than against Eibar (4), although he has not managed to score in any of his three visits to Ipurúa in the competition.

Min. 36NEAR EDU EXPÓSITO! Top off with a '10' thread on the edge of the area that goes high by very little!

Min. 35Few occasions of great danger so far, but many arrivals to the rival area by Eibar.

Min. 35Combs Sergi Enrich with a head but the ball remains in the hands of Pacheco.

Min 32Another shot with little force at the hands of Dmitrovic! This time from Lucas Pérez.

Min. 31Eibar's game has been concentrated on the left wing, with the constant raises from Cote and the support of Edu Expósito.

Min. 30Very high shot by Joselu, after a failure at the start of Eibar!

Min. 29He will return to take Pacheco from the bottom, while Mendilibar gives instructions to his team.

Min. 28New corner for the gunsmiths.

Min. 27Eibar continues to push in attack, this time on the right side with Correa and Gil.

Min. 25Loose shot from under Joselu that Dmitrovic traps! It is the first shot on goal for the babazorro team.

Min. 24Much better Eibar so far. The gunsmiths have made nine shots, although only one on goal, they have obtained four corners and have won 14 games so far this game. Alavés have not yet reached Dmitrovic's area in danger.

Min. 23Pacheco catches when Kike García was looking to head the ball in the small area!

Min. 22Ximo Navarro head rejection and a new corner kick for the locals.

Min. 21Diop's zapatazo from outside the area that hits Battaglia and goes to the corner!

Min. 19How close Kike García's shot inside the area, but the referee signals a previous infraction by the Eibar striker!

Min. 18Atienza rejoins the commitment. The armera partial victory is maintained in these 18 minutes played.

Min. 17Atienza is withdrawn from the field to assist him.

Min. 16And beware that Diop fell with all his weight on Atienza in the jump.

Min. 16Diop's loose header on the far post!

Min. 15Corner for Eibar, who continue to press on the rival field.

Min. 14Eibar is much more plugged into the match in this first quarter of an hour. It is played more in the field of Alavés.

Min 12Another fact to highlight about this match is that Javi Calleja has lost in his two visits to Eibar in the League, both with Villarreal.

Min. 09Alavés have not yet managed to get into the game. The Vitoria team has won just one match in nine minutes, by seven for Eibar.

Min. 09Very deviated shot from Cote after the rejection of the back babazorra!

Min 08New corner kick for Eibar, after a blocked shot by Enrich.

Min 06What a start from Eibar! The gunsmith group clings to Kike García to dream of permanence. The '17' has already participated in seven of the last 11 Eibar goals in the league, with five goals and two assists, scoring five of the last seven goals for the gunsmiths in the competition.

Min. 05THERE IS A GOAL FOR EIBAR! Iglesias Villanueva validates Kike García's goal in the VAR!

Min. 05The action is being reviewed in the VAR!

Min. 04EIBAR GOOOL !!! GOAL FROM KIKE GARCÍA! EIBAR 1-0 Alavés! And the home team opens the scoring! Play of several touches in the area, after a side kick, which ends in an assist from Bryan Gil for the definition of Kike García!

Min. 03Clear Alavés from your area. It pushes the group from Gipuzkoa from the start.

Min 02Try Arbilla from afar, but his shot goes wide to the corner kick!

Min 02Rainy start of the game in Ipurúa.


Min. 00The protagonists take the field!

Min. 00The main referee this afternoon will be José Luis Munuera Montero. In the VAR will be Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva.

Min. 00Javi Calleja comes out with the same eleven that he equaled against Valencia last day. The babazorro coach has several casualties, so he continues to trust Aguirregabiria and Méndez to populate the left wing.

Min. 00Mendilibar modifies his eleven with the losses of Pozo and Bigas due to injury, and Recio due to suspension, but with the return of Edu Expósito. In addition to the '10', Rober Correa and Sergi Enrich are the other two new faces in the starting team of the Guipuzcoans.

Min. 00Alavés have won their last three league games against Eibar, scoring two goals in each of the games. At home, Eibar has only won one of their last four games against Alavés in all competitions (1E 2D), all in LaLiga, after having won the previous four at home against them, one in the Smartbank League and three in Second B .

Min. 00Alavés, for their part, has managed to feed their hopes of permanence, after not having lost any of the last four league games (2V 2E). Although they accumulate two consecutive draws away from home, the Vitorians have not won as visitors since matchday 11, 1-2 against Real Madrid.

Min. 00Eibar linked five league games with defeat and have not won since matchday 17, 2-0 against Granada. Since then, Mendilibar's men have achieved four draws and twelve defeats, the club's longest winless streak in the First Division. Eibar have scored just one goal in the last five games and it was away from Granada.

Min. 00Basque derby for the descent! Eibar, more in need of three points than ever, faces Alavés with little margin for error. The Gipuzkoans march last, seven points away from permanence and with only 15 to play this season. Alavés is momentarily saved by just one point.

Min. 00Alavés will take the field with: Pacheco – Ximo Navarro, Laguardia, Lejeune, Aguirregabiria – Jota, Pina, Battaglia, Edgar Méndez – Lucas Pérez and Joselu.

Min. 00Let's go with the initial eleven in Ipurúa! Eibar out with: Dmitrovic – Rober Correa, Oliveira, Arbilla, Cote – Edu Expósito, Diop, Atienza, Bryan Gil – Sergi Enrich and Kike García.

Min. 00Good afternoon and welcome to the match between Eibar and Alavés, for matchday 34 of LaLiga! We started!


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