The surprise announcement by Pedro Sánchez, who has called general elections for June 23, disrupts some television plans. Such an important appointment will force the channels to rearrange their pieces in the face of such an important informative appointment that it will force the first swords of each channel to remain on the air until that date or, perhaps, return on time to take charge of the election night.

Ana Rosa Quintanathe scourge of Pedro Sánchez and the rest of the left, had planned to end the season at the end of June, as every year, and return in September with a new afternoon program that will take the place of Save me, whose last program on Telecinco will be on June 23. Between that date and the start of the new academic year, a program presented by Sandra Barneda –This is life– will take over the evening slot.

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Ana Rosa’s plan, however, was to combine the afternoon and part of the morning for a while, until the general elections that were scheduled for December. That is to say, Quintana was going to present the first part of the morning magazine, corresponding to the political gathering, and then Joaquín Prat would continue with the program. In the afternoon, the Madrid communicator will present her new magazine in which there will be no political content.

This double version of Ana Rosa -politics in the morning and entertainment in the afternoon- was understood as a way of propping up Mediaset’s editorial line in the main (or only) program with political content on Telecinco until the elections. Likewise, giving Quintana’s production company both mornings and afternoons was part of that strategy, which also meant leaving Quintana out of the game. Save me (La Fábrica de la Tele), a “red and fag show” that since January has been prohibited from talking about politics. In any case, Jorge Javier Vázquez did not hesitate to throw a dart a few weeks ago, after learning that Mediaset canceled his program. “The right is not very good for me”he snapped. Pablo Iglesias, publicly at odds with Ana Rosa, analyzed the Mediaset change as a “operation” to “prop up the victory of the right”.

Ana Rosa: “I think Pedro Sánchez is going to lose the elections”

The call for general elections for July 23 completely disrupts these plans of Ana Rosa who, in case she wants to continue leading the political gathering of her program, must remain working until the third week of July. It is not ruled out that she takes a vacation and returns for that appointment, something that she already did in 2016 when the investiture debate was held in August. Otherwise, she will experience the elections from her vacation spot, while Joaquín Prat takes over her program and Sandra Barneda presents the afternoons on Telecinco.

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In the absence of knowing what her decision will be and how the summer will be planned, Ana Rosa has already made a prediction about the “news bomb of the day”. “I believe that Pedro Sánchez is going to lose the elections,” she said. “He doesn’t have time to change partners.”