The canary, who has returned in style, scored, threatened and ended with discomfort


Pedri in the Copa dl Rey match between Athletic Club and FC Barcelona

Manel Montilla / Own

Pedro Gonzalez put on a very good performance against Athletic Club in the Copa del Rey culminated with the goal that forced the extension on the verge of compliance with the regulation time.

The canary, according to the statistics it collects choose, played 105 minutes, scored a goal in a shot on goal that he made, gave 53 good passes and only 4 bad ones and created three chances, the most of his entire team.

He made a successful entry, two anticipations and 7 recoveries, the second most after Alba (13). He made one good dribble and three bad ones and committed three fouls and received one.

When the extension arrived, his thirteenth in the last year, he ended up requesting the change when noticing some discomfort and they preferred not to risk having just returned from an injury.

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