With Christmas just around the corner, there are many companies that celebrate their traditional dinner these days to celebrate, with all their staff, the arrival of the most endearing dates of the year.

If last Friday it was the Unicorn producer, the one from Ana Rosa Quintanathe one that brought together their familiar faces in a high-rise soiree that will go down in history due to the mess between Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez, this Monday it was the turn of the most popular faces in all of Mediaset, who have met again in the chain facilities at the popular annual Hosts Party.

A celebration in which the entry of cameras was not allowed, but of which many details have emerged thanks to the social networks of some of the illustrious guests.

Toni Morenofrom inside, went up one of the stories funniest night. She sat at the table with Christian Galvez y Patricia Pardo and recorded the two lovers: “I believe in love from tonight. I believe in love, everything is possible. I do not give up,” he said smiling.

After her video, the presenter of Ana Rosa’s program He gave her an affectionate kiss on the cheek. They were also sitting at the same table. Paul Vasilyown Ana Rosa Quintana y Joaquín Prat.

The party was also marked by the presence of peace padilla. The actress, who left Save me in February after a brutal row with bethlehem esteban, has attended, to the surprise of some, the presenters’ dinner. “Mediaset wishes you a Merry Christmas!” She wrote on her networks, already “reconciled” with the group that fired her on her day.

Paz shared several stories that revealed who his tablemates were: Carmen ChaparroThe team of Got Talent (santi millan, Paula Echevarria y Daniel Martinez). He also appears among all of them, toasting, Adela Gonzalez (its ‘substitute’ in Save me).

Other stars in the chain, such as Maria Patino, Terelu Campos o Jorge Javier Vazquez They were also present at the sarao. They all joined Charlotte Slidingwho reappeared after his bump in hearings with Who is my father?. The La Fábrica de la Tele team occupied a table where there was no lack of complicity and laughter. They looked at Paz, sitting at the other previously mentioned table.

Ion Aramendi y Martha Flichjust becoming a first-time mom at age 44, were also in attendance. Emma GarciaFor his part, he sat down with the faces of the News.