Pamela Anderson she was a sexual icon in the 90s. Making a simple rule of thumb and remembering the #Metoo movement, it was easy to imagine that a woman with such a forceful anatomy would have encountered some harassment in the Hollywood scene. Indeed, his shooting partner Tim Allen in the series A mess at home from Disney was shown naked before her in the wings of the studios. This is how he told it in his memoirs, Love Pamelaand it can probably be seen in the documentary about the life of the actress that premieres this January 31 on Netflix, and that starts with the story of the stolen sex video of her and her husband then, Tommy Lee, and that destroyed his career. He was treated like a naturally rebellious rocker, and she… as if she were a slut.

The publication of the book is already a first content bomb, which describes an unpleasant situation that the star had to face when she was only 23 years old and had just landed in the acting world after appearing in the magazine Playboy.

It was in that publication where her partner, Allen, like the rest of the planet, had seen her naked. And it was the excuse he used to show himself naked to the young actress: “The first day of filming I came out of my dressing room and Tim was in his dressing gown in the corridor. It was then that the dressing gown was opened and he was completely naked at the bottom He told me that it was fair, because he had seen me naked. Now we are even.”

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“I laughed awkwardly,” says the actress in the book. Of course, Allen, also known for having played an endearing Santa Claus in several films, has not had time to issue a statement in which he denies that these events occurred. This way of behaving of men before her as a person and as a professional has continued almost until today, when Anderson is already 55 years old.

Abuses since childhood

Because the star has felt just as vexed when a group made up of mostly male producers, led by Seth Rogenthey decided to host a Hulu series about the theft and distribution of Anderson’s private sexually explicit video with her husband, Tommy, which went viral and destroyed her career, without her authorization at all.

The second bomb that the actress is preparing is the broadcast of a biopic that intends to leave this documentary issued by Disney in a bad place, Pam y Tommy, which according to Anderson distorted reality quite a bit. In Pamela Anderson, a love storydirected by Ryan White and produced by his 26-year-old son, Brandon Thomas Leethe actress of The Baywatch He tells his truth and does not hide anything, not even the subject of the video that went viral.

Youtube Video

In the book, the star collects how she lived with her younger brother her father’s mistreatment of her mother, how she was subjected to mistreatment by men, from her first high school boyfriend, to the various sexual abuse she suffered to face; the one that she made him a babysitter or the rape of her when she was 12 years old. And of course, the violence based on beatings and kicks when her son was a baby, for which Tommy Lee ended up in jail for six months.

With the book and the documentary, Pamela Anderson intends to banish from everyone’s minds the image of the sex symbol that has no brains, transmitted through her characters on the screen and deduced from her exuberant physique, because it does not correspond at all with her reality. The actress is a deep woman, even discreet and shy, educated and for all of this quite unknown: “My life has been much more significant than a soft hat or a sex tape,” said the artist in an interview with the magazine Variety.

Sylvester Stallone wanted her as his number one girl

In the documentary, Pamela also confesses that in the 90s, Sylvester Stallone He even offered her “a house and a Porsche to be his number one girl.” The actress and model had to ask to be able to interpret the offer correctly: “I replied: ‘Does that mean there is a number two?’ He replied: ‘That is the best offer you will receive, honey. You are in Hollywood now ” .

Pamela married Tommy Lee in 1995 and divorced in 1998. Around this time, she began to withdraw from the public sphere because of her young children, Brandon Thomas y Dylan Jagger. She describes herself as a romantic, so she continued to try marriage.

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Some of the men were famous (Kid Rock in 2006) and some simple civilians (And Hayhurst in 2020). She was married twice to the professional poker player Rick Salomon, one in 2007 and another in 2014, although only one of the marriages was legally binding. In 2020 she remarried Jon Petersmarriage that he annulled in the same year 2020, in which he also counted marriage with And Hayhurstfrom whom he has divorced in 2022.