Alonso Caparrós (51) sat this Friday in the Deluxe to submit to the polygraph and further stretch the gum of the driver’s affair Gustavo and the alleged betrayal of the assistant to Maria Teresa Campos and their daughters.

To spice up the evening they had to put something spicy because the thing about María Teresa’s assistant is already boring. Therefore, they recovered an old story, already known and published by this digital back in November 2017.

We told then that for Alonso Caparrós Terelu Campos (57) became almost an obsession. She had “I ran into her one day in underwear. she was black, recounted. “Since then I fell in love with her and I spent several days making the otter spit,” Caparrós explained, confessing that he thought of her when he masturbated.

Terelu at that time played hard at first but when she was aware of what Alonso felt for her, she accepted the dinner she wanted to invite him to. “We didn’t wind up, but a little bit. It was a one night story,” to which Caparrós replied: “They were two”. Both agree that their idyll was “brief but intense”, something that they both remember fondly and that made Terelu blush.

Caparrós recovered this Friday his story about the nights of sex that he had years ago with Terelu Camposwhen they both worked in Day to day, the morning show that María Teresa presented on TVE between 1996 and 2004, before joining Telecinco. To hook this brief but intense romance with the theme of Gustavo, Alonso said that the driver, a friend of his for many years, would let him know “when Terelu arrived at his dressing room.”

Alonso revealed that he was for Terelu a Toy Boy, a sex toy at the mercy of the eldest daughter of Las Campos, but that he gave her his heart. “For her it was a game, but I really liked her”. Caparrós said that he was very hooked on the presenter, but she only wanted pleasure: she said that they only had sexual relations and, when they finished, “she fell asleep.”

“I fell in love in two days. How not to fall in love with Terelu”. At that time, Alonso worked on the program, but he only appeared on the screen for a few minutes, the rest of the time he made photocopies, meeting Gustavo there, who is now María Teresa’s trusted man. His affair with Terelu was actually an intimate relationship for a few days that did not go further because the presenter was not up for the job.

Terelu noviometer

When Terelu Campos had the brief but intense Something with Alonso Caparrós, she was 31 years old and he was barely over 25. It was after divorcing her first husband, Miguel Ángel Polvorino, to whom she was married between 1993 and 1996. Later, after this affair, came into his life Alexander Rubio, second husband of the presenter and with whom she was married between 1998 and 2003. Other more or less known romances of Terelu were the bullfighter Martín Pareja-Obregón, Pipi Estrada, Carlos Agrelo, Celso García, Salvador Pérez, Carlos Pombo, Kike Calleja, Mario of Pascual or José Valenciano.