With the permission of Piqué, Clara Chía, Shakira, Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva, the rumors that have surfaced for months between dove caves y Luis Miguel They make this soap opera not be far behind. The last to speak of the two was the father of the woman from Cordoba, Victorian Valencia.

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The 89-year-old bullfighter was surprised by the press on Monday. He has highlighted that his daughter and the singer are “childhood friends” and has recalled that “Paloma is the godmother of Luis Miguel’s first son.”

Later, he praised the Puerto Rican artist: “He is a great boy, a great person, a gentleman… He is a great artist, there is the proof of thousands of songs.” On the rumors of a possible wedding, which recently came from the other side of the Atlantic, he has said: “I wouldn’t be upset, but she has to decide it… It’s her who has to decide.”

Lastly, he remembered with admiration and affection Henry Poncethe father of her granddaughters popcorn y Bianca: “I have taken over him for 10 years, I have really enjoyed his bullfighter and the way he directed him. He has remained a great figure in bullfighting.”

Informalia He has already announced that the Andalusian environment is bursting with laughter with the new falsehood of a possible wedding between Paloma and Luis Miguel. Rumors about a possible engagement between the businesswoman and the Sun of Mexico emerged a few weeks ago, when an anonymous Internet user commented on the designer’s profile on Instagram that she already had the engagement ring: “Luis Miguel has given the ring to Paloma . I can confirm it because I know it, but she has not yet said yes. All of us friends knew that it was platonic love, that it was always her and now she is free. ” Paloma herself denied it and blamed it on identity theft. Now, the words of her father give wings to the rumor again.

Both have known each other for more than twenty years but it was a couple of years ago when their relationship became closer, as the singer contacted Cuevas to offer him all his support after his divorce from Ponce. After several months of messages and calls they began to see each other, very discreetly, in Miami, and this summer they spent several weeks in Madrid, among other places.