It seemed that the waters were going down calm after months of family disputes, bickering and bickering. However, Ortega Cano has granted some explosive statements that will see the light on the 24th and that will break the hearts of Ana Maria Aldon: “Rocío Jurado is the woman of my life, the greatest artist and the best mother I have ever known”.

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How far is that of “my semen is strength, let’s go for the girl”, a message that the right-hander sent live to his still wife when she tearfully begged for recognition and respect for her figure, always eclipsed by the great chipionera . He didn’t have it before and he doesn’t have it now: Ortega Cano, guest on the program Plano General (in La 2), once again sentences the mother of her youngest son: “Rocío Jurado is the woman of my life and the best mother I have ever known.”

We will see if Ana María takes revenge and responds to Gloria Camila’s father, since she already expressed hurt and worried about how little José María would take his father to speak publicly of her like that, or prefers to focus his energies on his new friends, specifically in Pedro, the Barcelona physiotherapistwhom he met at a party organized by Luis Rollán and with whom he became very good friends.