Laura Valenzuela’s great farewell already has a date and place

On April 13 at the Church of the Sacred Hearts in Madrid, relatives and friends of Laura Valenzuela to say the last goodbye. Many of those who could not accompany the family during the funeral last Sunday will come to show their respect and affection to the presenter, who He passed away last Friday at the age of 92.including his grandson Alvarito, son of Lara Dibildos y Alvaro Muñoz Escassiwho will travel from Connecticut (United States), where he studies.

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His other grandson, Franky, will be missing, however, the result of the relationship between Lara and Fran Murcia, who also lives in América (California) and who was one of the great absences in the La Almudena cemetery, where his grandmother was buried. The young man, who is training to be a music producer, was able to say goodbye to his grandmother during his last visit to Spain: “It was on February 3 accompanied by my brother. I left the hospital very sad, because I felt that it was the last time that I saw her. But she has so much light that a sad moment returns for a beautiful one to arrive. And I know that she will continue with me for the rest of my life. I will always carry her in my heart”, he said.

This Wednesday, Lara has returned to her obligations and daily routines: “Now we have to continue living,” she told the press. “I find myself… Well… At least I’ve slept, I haven’t slept for many days, and that’s a lot,” she recounted.