Sandra Barneda She is not the only one who has recovered the illusion in love. Nagore Robles too, although it has lasted less than a rooster crows for her. The Mediaset collaborator has confessed that she has also been in love with her, although she is no longer with that person. A few months ago she, curiously, she confessed that this summer she had had sex with a man for the first time in a long time.

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“I am in mourning mode. I was with a very comfortable person, but in the end it has not been what I needed. The years make you more demanding and you know that there are things that you need yes or yes in your partner,” the former confessed. big sister in the podcast she shares with Alba Carrilloso on everyone’s lips these days because of his mess with Jorge Pérez.

Nagore, at this point in her life, needed other emotions: “To share my life with someone I need things that have to come from home now. I’m annoyed and in recovery mode, but I already know what the phases are.”

He has also explained that he prefers not to have contact with this person so that the mourning for the breakup heals sooner: “Zero contact. I need freedom, confidence, that they respect my thoughts. There are things that I no longer tolerate. I was very excited.”

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After this love debacle, Nagore also had some nice words for his ex, with whom he spent more than five years: “It’s nice to have felt this. Sandra has been the great love of my life without a doubt.” Despite the fact that theirs did not work, the two formed one of the most visible couples of the LGTBIQ + collective in this country. Soon they will coincide in nightmare in paradisewhere Barneda will be the presenter of the debates and Robles will be in charge of the connections from the farm.