There are many who maintain that it is a “strategy” mounted by the marriage of Jorge Perez y Alice Pena for their own media purposes. However, be that as it may, the soap opera continues to feed and it is impossible not to escape the tidal wave of information offered by the protagonists of this story.

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hours after Alba Carrillo confirmed in his program that he has slept with the former civil guard, a friend of Jorge stood up for him in Save me. Is about Christina Portaanother character from the Telecinco universe who has participated in programs such as Secret Story.

Jorge, through his friend, denied having had sex with the model. He assures that they did not end the night at Alba’s house. However, it is confirmed that they made a stop for hours at the home of martha lopez, which exploded: “If he has thrown it in my house, aunt!”. According to the former big sister, Jorge himself confirmed it.

After hearing all this mess, the former winner of survivors He left another message for Cristina: “I am not telling Marta that anything has happened between Alba and me because it is not true, it is an absolute lie.” He also denied that the mother of her four children, the writer and motivational coach Alicia Peña, put him out on the street: “I have slept at home every day, I have not seen my representative all week.”

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However, Jorge remains “hidden” since he has not shown signs of life on his social networks. He did not do the same when the whole soap opera broke out, since he tried to justify himself in a thousand ways, explaining how much he loves his wife and how willing he is to fight for her marriage.