Rafa Nadal starred in a “mini-miracle” (his definition) at the Australian Open. A month and a half before, he was pondering if it was worth continuing, however, on January 31 he lifted two sets to Daniil Medvedev to win his 21st Grand Slam and look in the rear view mirror Novak Djokovic and Roger Federerboth with 20. He seemed thrown when a crack in the ribs (in the knife fight with Carlos Alcaraz in Indian Wells) stopped walking. And then came the shivers in Rome, when he ended up lame, pale, and his face contorted with pain which appeared on his left foot. Thinking of another miracle seemed too much, even if it was at Roland Garros, where the Christmas It has its cathedral.

But the miracle continues. With Djokovic and Alcaraz by his side, he is the finalist. With Zverev at a lofty level, there he was hanging on the ropes like Ali against Frazier after three hours without even closing the second set. Against everyone and everything, even fighting against his health, he has returned to the final. In the Phillippe Chatrier he has played thirteen and has won them all. The journey to infinity has not ended… although the last station can already be seen on the horizon.