The relationship of Shakira with the parents of Straight piqueand especially with her mother-in-law, Montserrat BernabeuIt only gets worse. The children’s paternal grandmother would be suffering because the singer would have asked her children Milan y Sasha that they not call grandparents ‘avi’ and ‘ona’ in Catalan to Joan Pique and Montserrat because she gets sad”. The deal between Shakira and her ex-sugra has not always been an easy path, but it has become more impassable after the separation of the marriage between the singer and the soccer player, the support of her parents for her new girlfriend, Clara Chiaand the direct attack that the lyrics of Shakira’s song, Session 53, has brought to the family.

The influence of “my little mother-in-law”, as Shakira has called her in the good times of their relationship, can be seen in a recently released video, in which she sees how the mother of the ex-soccer player, very serious, touches the face of Shakira before putting her finger to her mouth in a clear ‘shut up’ gesture during an event they attended years ago. Piqué, present at the moment when his mother asked his wife for silence, looked the other way and continued her conversation with a fourth person, apparently unaware of the ugly situation that Montserrat had had with her daughter-in-law.

Asking her children not to call her grandmother would be what has ended up destroying the doctor, since it is one more weapon of revenge for the Colombian, who joins the life-size witch that she has placed on her terrace looking directly at the house of his in-laws and his allusion in the lyrics of his latest hit: “You left me as a neighbor to the mother-in-law”.

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Montserrat is very hurt with the singer for degrading the relationship with her grandchildren. According to the account of the environment of Piqué’s parents, already on Three Kings Day the doctor was upset with her ex-daughter-in-law: “The children were with their father and their grandparents in their house in La Cerdanya and she constantly called her children, who were more pending the phone than enjoying the day. And he told Gerard to stop the situation now, that it could not be that the children did not even want to go to the mountains by phone, “said those familiar with the situation.

When Montse was in favor of Shakira

Although Piqué’s mother, who in addition to being a doctor and co-director of the Guttman Foundation, initially rejected her son’s relationship with Shakira, because she was older than him and was not Catalan, she grew to be very fond of the singer, since Grandma made her at just 50 years old. Montserrat was a very young mother, when she was still at university, to her son and she was barely able to enjoy him.

These feelings of affection and gratitude would be the ones that prompted her to turn to Shakira “when she was already beginning to argue with her son Gerard and he ends up leaving home, he would be suffering more than normal”, as the doctor’s entourage has recounted. to the magazine Lectures. Apparently, there was a time when “Shakira got sick, her work rate had changed, she went unnoticed and was not treated like a star. She went through several depressive periods and Montserrat was by her side.” .

The same sources say that the mother of the sports businessman “fought for reconciliation until her son told her it was impossible.” And that’s where he began to put himself in profile with the artist.

Although when the parents traveled it was at their house where the grandchildren ended up having dinner and doing their homework, it was she who advised Piqué to sign the agreement for the children to go to Miami with their mother: “Every day that passes here is a torture for Shakira and it is better for children to have a clear life horizon,” Monserrat even told her son.

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His influence has been key to the history of the relationship between the Colombian and the former soccer player. As a mother-in-law, she reproached the singer for putting pressure on her ex and decided to bet on the breakup. Shakira then discovered that her in-laws had initiated legal movements to disassociate themselves from the Colombian companies, in which her in-laws appeared as partners, or even as administrators, and to see them hang out with Clara Chía, the woman with whom her husband had been unfaithful, unleashed the rage of the pop star.

To curb a little the monumental anger of her former daughter-in-law, the doctor asked her son to stop appearing with Casio watches and Twingo cars so as not to provoke more anger. “Don’t heat her up anymore. You have to cut this,” say her relatives that she has told him clearly.