The Covid-19 has released the closing of Factory for this season but there is a beacon of hope for white youth squads: the example of Miguel Gutiérrez. Last Wednesday, the left back of Juvenil A, 18 years old and who will be at Castilla next season, received the final call. Your coronavirus test I had given negative and Zidane was waiting for you in Valdebebas. Since then it has become one more in the training of the first team. There is a stranger in that locker room, the last summer Pinto's youth squad ended it by going (and debuting) with the elders in the Audi Cup Munich. Zidane gave him the alternative replacing Marcelo, from which he learns now daily …

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

In Valdebebas always they quote Miguel When you talk about exentere stonemasonss. Focused on your studies (prepares to pass all subjects in INEF first year in his first year) and raised in a humble and hard working family environment, he has just take off the driving license. It has always been versatile, also in football. The scouts of the white club they took his eye when he defended the getafe shirt in a Benjamin tournament where he performed in practically all the positions less in goal. A natural talent. Of Gutiérrez to Gutiérrez. Guti, who once thought of passing from the side to the playmaker, was one of the technicians who more took care of him in Factory when promoted his Youth the boy being two years younger than his peers.

Fixed in a selection with a lot of Real Madrid …

Miguel Gutierrez has been showing the way, also in the Selection. “It has the characteristics of the left side perfect for Madrid, assured David Gordo, selector U17 and that she has known the boy since Sub-16, in an interview at AS. “It has quality, arrival, hitting and winning character … His future is very goodor”.

Miguel was one of the left-backs from the past European U19 being a year younger and is part of the select squad of international youth white. In Santi Denia's recent lists, Madrid was several times the club with the most representation. In October, for example, there were five Madridistas (Gutiérrez, Santos, Sintes, Pablo Ramón and Latasa) to the Belgrade mini tournament. The next, Barcelona, ​​only carried three.

Bright promises that join what comes from behind (Morante, Arribas, Esteban, Salazar…) destined to be the Castilla of the next years and who knows if more …

Other juveniles who have been hitting hard …

Pablo Ramón. Central (18 years old) signed in 2019 after debuting with the first team of Mallorca, this course already counted for Raúl. Called to be the protagonist.

Iván Morante. Midfielder (19 years old) of enormous category, arrived in Madrid last January (he advanced to Manchester City) and is confident that he is a column of Castilla 2020-21.

Iván Morante, with the U19 of Spain.

Sergio Arribas. Light and short midfielder (measures 1.73m.) But of outstanding quality and one of the most outstanding of the Juvenil A de Poyatos. A spectacular year with goals (16).

Stephen Aparicio. Right-handed winger (18 years old) very friendly (in his third game in white he made a hat-trick) for which Madrid ‘fought’ with Atlético after a great stage at Rayo. It is armored until 2023.

Andri Gudjohnsen. The oldest (18 years old) of the two children of the former Icelandic professional striker Eidur Gudjohnsen (former Chelsea and Barcelona). The other is Dani, who will go to the Cadet. Powerful battering ram, Andri will raise Juvenil A.

Of the Viper. The next left back (17 years old) to generate expectation. Dangerous, also in the lower ones of the Selection and with a striking Leonine mane. It will probably jump from Youth C to A.

Salazar, striker for Juvenil C.

Israel Salazar. The striker (17 years old) is a reference for Juvenil C this year, but Raúl went up to train several times with Castilla. He averages over 30 goals per season.


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