Georgian tennis player Nikoloz Basilashvili, number 27 in the world, accused of domestic violence in his country, has presented a video to the judges confirming his innocence, his lawyer, Irma Chkadua, told Efe today.

“He has delivered to the court a video recording confirming his statement that he is innocent of the crime of which he is accused.” said the lawyer on the phone.

He added that his client is in Tbilisi, where he awaits the start of the trial, whose first hearing will be held on July 16.

“The accusations of domestic violence presented on May 23 by his ex-wife are false, they do not have the slightest support, “Chkadua also stressed in a statement.

The lawyer explained that the defense has not released the data of the investigation because the case includes a minor, the 5-year-old son of Basilashvili and his ex-wife, Neli Dorokashvili, whom he divorced in 2019.

“To defend the interests of the minor, Basilashvili refrains from speaking about the purposes of the provocative actions committed by Neli Dorokashvili on May 22, as well as publicly responding to the unfounded accusations of his ex-wife, “he added.

The best tennis player in Georgia, 28 years old, He was arrested on May 22 after having “beaten his ex-wife after a dispute the previous day” and in the presence of a minor, according to the accusation presented by the Prosecutor's Office.

After appearing before a judge, the tennis player was released on the 24th on a bail of 100,000 laris (31,152 dollars or 28,561 euros at the current exchange rate).

In accordance with Georgian law The tennis player faces, if found guilty, a sentence of between 200 and 400 hours of community service or between 1 year and 3 years in prison.

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