Last weekend, what was an open secret became a reality that was difficult to hide. Marc Bartra uploaded to his Instagram profile a most romantic video in which he taught intimate moments with Jessica Goicoecheaalthough seconds later he regretted it and deleted it, it was a confirmation that there is something more than a friendship between the two.

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His ex-wife has spoken about the new relationship of the footballer, Melissa Jimenez, who assures that he wishes him “the best be with whom he is”. The journalist, for her part, did not want to reveal if she has also found love again: “I am in love with my children and I adore them,” she said this Thursday at a Clarel event.

In addition, he took the opportunity to deny that there is tension between them due to their commented reunion in Formula 1: “Yes, well, Joaquín, you know… Well, we already know how it is, right? It was more of a joke on Joaquín’s part than actually the question I asked Marc when we had been talking two minutes before.”

@abelplanelles WE CONFIRM MARC BARTRA AND GOICOCHEA #Viral #fyp #parati #foryou ? Bachata – Manuel Turizo

Melissa and Bartra met in 2014, when they began a relationship that has lasted eight years, five of which have been married. At the beginning of this year they officially announced their separation. The journalist and the soccer player have three children together: Gala, April y Max.