The Duchess of Sussex has ended the period of mourning after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Back in the United States, she has launched a new podcast with new anecdotes and data about her life, including one of the activities she did with her mother when she was barely ten years old: “She took me to some spas korean nudists

Meghan Markle He has revealed that he found it very embarrassing: “They strictly prohibited the use of swimsuits and we had to undress inside the facilities. For a girl who was in full puberty, it was something very imposing. You enter a room full of women between 9 and 90 years old, walking around naked and waiting for their massages on tables lined up. I just wanted to put on a bathing suit, but it wasn’t allowed.” Of course, later she rewarded her: “We went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants and I always ordered a bowl of cooked noodles that I loved.”

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The comments on networks have not been long in coming and Dora has become the center of all criticism, as Internet users make the mother-in-law of the Prince Harry forcing a girl to undress against her wishes and being embarrassed in front of other strangers. “What madness!” they say.

On the podcast, Meghan chatted with journalist Lisa Ling and comedian Margaret Cho about the stereotypes that affect Asian women and encouraged her audience to look for the best version of themselves: “If you want to be weird or like a sponge , being goofy or fierce, curious or even doubting yourself, insecure some days and strong and brave on others. Whatever it is, it’s up to you. Just be yourself no matter what society, archetypes or loud voice that comes from a small place tell you what you should be.