Marta I can she is “smitten” with Antonio David Flores. He talks about his great love, his wedding plans and his desire for motherhood (“he already has it and we’re not going to be ‘The Brady Bunch’) in the magazine Ten minutes. In the interview she also has words of admiration for Anna Quintanawho told him: “Put on your umbrella and let it fall. It will stop raining.”

Marta Riesco has returned to Telecinco and is warming up to get back in front of the cameras of Ana Rosa’s program. Since her courtship with Antonio David Flores began, the reporter became a character of the heart and suffered a very high exposure in the media and in her own network, which she herself remembers as “a very crazy situation (…) It was crazy to enter on Telecinco when everyone was talking about you”, he declared in Ten minutes.

As a result, he has assured the magazine that he has been “on antidepressants” for four months. “I have had a very bad time, I go to the psychologist for anxiety,” she commented. By making her mental health visible, the journalist has been honest: “That your soul hurts is the most complicated thing to live.”

One of its pillars has been love. Antonio David is her great support and with him she sees herself as married, with children, and getting older. Very amused, she has slipped to the publication that one of her last romantic plans was in McAuto: “We ended up eating hamburgers in a parking lot.” All a plan that she certifies that she is “very much in love”.