María Escario (TVE) announces that she has breast cancer: “I’m going for it”

María Escario (62) suffers from breast cancer, as announced by the TVE journalist through a message that she has posted on social networks. “It is time to take a break, trust science as much as possible and focus all my energy on healing. I am one more with breast cancer and I am going for it,” said the communicator.

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The news has caused numerous colleagues from the chain and professionals from other media to react, who have shown their support and affection for the journalist. “A lot of strength and patience, María. A huge hug for that,” Iñaki López told her. “All my love. Much encouragement and a huge hug, partner,” wrote Cristina Fernández. “Kisses, kisses and more kisses”, Carlos del Amor has dedicated to him.

Maria Escario, a TVE historian

María Escario is a professional history of RTVE. She currently holds the position of public defender and has a monthly program on La 2 to give viewers a voice. Previously, she was Director of Communication for RTVE between 2018 and 2021, during the tenure of the sole administrator Rosa María Mateo.

Escario’s professional career has been linked to RTVE since its inception. He arrived at the public channel in 1985, when he joined the team led by Pedro Erquicia. Since then, he has become a regular face of the newscasts in all its editions. The journalist has led sports information for years and has broadcast major events, including several Olympic Games.

Just a few weeks ago, María Escario shared with her followers on social networks another hard personal blow due to the death of her mother, whom he fired with a tender image.

In 2012, Escario’s health also made headlines due to a stroke that took her away from the sets for a few months. “I never stopped having faith in myself. I always wanted to heal myself; to always send messages of positivity to my brain,” she said after a while, already recovered from that complicated trance.