Laura Scanesthe ex of Risto Mejideno longer hides and shows that she is in love with Alvaro de Luna without dissimulation The young lovers have walked and shopped together through the streets of Madrid and have not hesitated to stop to kiss in the eyes of everyone like the couple they are.

The influencer no longer cares that she is seen with Álvaro de Luna. After the many bickering caused by her separation from Mejide, Laura is now proudly walking the streets with her new love without hiding.

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Combined with comfortable clothes and casualblack jackets, sweatshirts and comfortable pants, she in tracksuits and he in jeans, the young mother of Roma and her boy bathed in crowds in one of the most commercial areas of the Madrid capital, around Fuencarral and Hortaleza streets, very close to Gran Vía.

Without hiding his face, because he was the one who was wearing sunglasses, the young woman who accumulates almost two million followers on Instagram did not let go of the cell phone she was carrying in her hand for a minute, as one more accessory. But even with her hand occupied by one of her work tools, she did not stop starring in several displays of affection towards her companion.

The young ex-wife of the Mediaset presenter and the singer held hands on several occasions and kissed in the middle of the street without worrying about the looks of others. Together, they visited various stores to make the logical Christmas purchases on these dates. A few days ago they were also caught hugging before those who found them at the Adolfo Suárez airport in Madrid, when the interpreter was returning to Madrid on tour.

Laura and Álvaro met on September 15 at a musical gala, just 10 days after the influencer and Risto Mejide announced their separation after five years of marriage and a daughter in common.

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Álvaro de Luna is a true Spanish pop star with almost two million monthly listeners on Spotify. He has been a composer since he was a child and started in music when he was only nine years old. He was in London trying to be a music producer, but finally managed to succeed with the group Sinsinati. In 2020, they separated and the Sevillian began his solo career.