The picture of Muniain lighting a cigar in Ibiza during his vacation period raised the controversy at the time. The player expressed himself about it on Thursday in Lezama and today he has done so Marcelino just after the game against St. Gallen in the Swiss camp. “When a footballer is on vacation I want him to enjoy himself and when he is working I want him to work. I think that in this squad the players do that. Therefore, when a player in his spare time decides to act, he acts. It seems very irrelevant to me, totally irrelevant ”, the Asturian said emphatically.

The one from Txantrea returned to the pitch today after not playing at all since the Cup final against Barça played on April 17. Has come out by Nico
Highlander in minute 59. A Marcelino He doesn't like to draw too many conclusions about preseason games. “This is a preparation to compete. He did not train with the group for a long time, then he had a discomfort in the soleus and this is a process. Yeray and Iñigo They also trained less with the group, hence we are careful so that little by little they work at the pace of the others. Making individual evaluations in this first preseason game I think it would not help, “he said in Switzerland.


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