The rudeness of Maluma a journalist who asks him about his performance at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar is going around the world. The Colombian singer is being criticized on social networks for his attitude.

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“You know what I should ask you. Shakira y Dua Lipa they refused to be part of this World Cup because of Qatar’s bad record on human rights and obviously people think: ‘Maluma, don’t you have problems with the violation of these issues in that country?'” he asked. Moab Had.

The artist, visibly uncomfortable, replied: “Yes, but it’s something I can’t solve. I’m just going to enjoy life, enjoy football and the football party. It’s not something I really have to get involved in. I’m enjoying my music”.

But it was not enough for the reporter and he insisted that with the participation of the interpreter of four babies in the World Cup “he would be helping the regime to cover up the situation”. At that moment, the one from Medellín got up from his seat angrily: “Do I have to answer that question?” “You are rude,” Maluma snapped at the journalist who did not believe.