Ana Maria Aldon He turns 45 this Saturday and does so in the middle of the divorce process with Jose Ortega Canobut wanting to enjoy her new life, as she herself has confessed this Saturday in Fiesta.

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The program where she collaborates on weekends had several surprises prepared for her for this special day, including a connection with her still husband. However, the right-hander did not want to participate.

“I don’t see it well because we are going to separate and that right now does not fit,” the bullfighter was heard saying in a telephone conversation with an editor. Some words that the exfrutera did not expect and that have made her break on set.

“This is the last birthday that I celebrate with my husband and my son, in the same house and as a family, although I have already assumed that we are separated, it hurts to hear him say it,” Aldón acknowledged through tears. “I am very realistic and he has assumed it very much but I had not heard it, at home we do not mention the word. It is like something that dies and it is the last time that it will happen …”, he explained.

After seeing her excited, Emma Garcia he encouraged him by saying that there was someone who wanted to tell him something. At that moment, her mother and her brothers went live to sing her birthday. “I am very proud to have the family that I have. I am speechless, they are the greatest… they know their place. I adore them and I give my life for them,” said Ana María.