The father of Albert Rivera, agustin rivera, He passed away this Sunday at the age of 71.. The man from Barcelona died suddenly in Malaga, where he lived with his wife, Maria Jesus, mother of the former politician. According to her, the cause of death was a heart problem.

Although their relationship broke up recently, Little one He has been one of the first people to go to the funeral home where they are saying their last goodbye to his ex’s father to show him all their support.

It should be remembered that the former leader of Ciudadanos and the Madrid singer maintain a cordial relationship because of the daughter they have in common. the little one Lucy was born on June 6, 2020.

“We are broken,” Albert acknowledged before the media that gathered at the gates of the La Axarquía funeral home, in Malaga. The lawyer was in London spending a few days on vacation, and he had to rush back to Spain when he received the sad news.

These are not being easy weeks for Rivera. After his break with Malú, after almost four years of love, he has joined the covers of the gossip magazines that he has recently starred in. for its different summer leagues.