Uncovered some messages from Edwin Arrieta that turn the Daniel Sancho case around: “I want to make my life with him”

13 days it takes daniel sancho in Koh Samui jail after confessing to the murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrieta. The Thai police announced that they had concluded their investigation of him, and that they would seek the death penalty for him for “premeditated murder.”

However, both the representative of the Spanish embassy in Thailand, vincent cachoas the spokesperson for the Sancho family, Carmen BalfagonThey have assured that the investigation is still ongoing because “all the evidence and information is not yet available.”

In this sense, this Sunday some supposed messages that the Colombian doctor would have sent to a contact in our country to tell him about his intentions with the son of Rodolfo Sancho. These words of Edwin would date from May 29 of this year around 2 in the afternoon.

“Don’t forget to look at my apartment in Barcelona. I want to cut ties with Madrid because of my partner’s friends. As I already told you, I want to make my life with Dani, but not in Madrid. Send me the budget for a common-law relationship. Don’t worry about the payment. I have an account in a bank in Spain. By September we will carry out all the procedures”, Arrieta asks this person, according to what they have taught in Summer party.

From Telecinco they assure that this information could turn the case around. Balfagón also affirms it this way: “I don’t know who has leaked these Edwin conversations but it is very important information, these conversations have to be part of the investigation, they are crucial data. (…) We are alleging that Daniel has always said that he was in a cage, so it will be necessary to verify if Edwin’s intentions were also desired by Daniel or not”.