Luis Suarez, footballer of the Atlético de Madrid
, is not just one of the great strikers in modern football. With his hiring, the rojiblanco team not only secured one of the best strikers in the world, it also signed one of the most recognized figures in this sport.

A personality that has already transcended the sphere of sport that is followed by millions of people. His numbers in sports say it all. He recently scored his 500th goal as a professional. And with him Athletic fight for the title of The league at a time when he has 19 goals and two assists right now.

His goals are being key in this season for the team of Simeone. They have reported to the mattress team, directly, 17 points of the total of 66 that the mattress workers add up, which is 25.57%. He is the most decisive player in The league, in this aspect.

But its dimension is not only sporting, it is also social. He is one of the best known footballers. And that is something that can be measured thanks to the follow-up that there is on social networks regarding his person.

The player just reached 40 million followers on Instagram, a brand that places him close to the Top-10 of the most followed footballers on that platform. To this are added the 18 million people who follow him on his profile Facebook. Plus another 16.7 million ‘followers’ in Twitter. In total, 74.7 million followers on the three main social networks on the planet.

To put in context, in these three networks, the Athletic has 'only' 18.5 million followers -which is outrageous- (4.8 million in Twitter, 11.1 in Instagram and 13.7 in Facebook). That is to say that only Suarez it has 56.1 million more followers than the mattress club itself. Crazy.


With his 40 million followers on Instagram, the Uruguayan striker is close to being one of the 10 most influential in the world on this platform. Pogba (43.3 million), Sergio Ramos (43.5), Gareth
Bale (43.7), Marcelo (46.4), James
Rodriguez (46.5), Ibrahimovic (46.9), Mbappe (48.7), Neymar (147 million), Messi (193) and Christian
Ronaldo (272 million followers), they are the players with the most following on that network.