“The goal that I have shouted the most in my life is the 12-1 from Spain to Malta”

The coach continues his ‘streamer’ facet talking about a little bit of everything


The national soccer coach, Luis Enrique Martínez, left a new review of issues of his life and current events in the third chapter of his dedication to ‘streaming’ from the World Cup in Qatar, with the confidence that he will have all the players “available ” for the debut on Wednesday and the weather will not be an excuse.

‘Lucho’ again left almost an hour of connection with hundreds of thousands of followers from his office in the residence of Spain at the University of Qatar. The problems with the microphone and to later send their viewers to another user are already a classic for a Luis Enrique who declared himself a fan of technology.

“The first thing I bought at the age of 21 when I arrived at Real Madrid was a computer. I’ve always liked technology. Now I’m a car that I don’t even know how to turn on the bluetooth of the helmets. I like the notebook and the computer and I’m more Mac than PC,” he said.

The Asturian coach recommended the book ‘Man in search of meaning’ and explained that he reads about stoicism, to also look for “ideas that help the players, be original”, in some talks to the team that he sometimes does by lines or individually .

“Soccer is my passion. I wouldn’t trade it for being a cyclist. Better than being a coach, it was hard for me to see the humor in it. Being a footballer is wonderful, how lucky I’ve been,” he added, before being asked about the memory of the goal that most celebrated.

“The goal that I have shouted the most in my life has not been as a footballer or a coach. It is the 12-1 win between Spain and Malta, an unforgettable memory in Gijón. If someone told me at that moment that I was going to be a player, that I would be international and coach, I would have told him to take a valium”, he added, also recalling his retirement at the Camp Nou, when Ronaldinho offered him to take a penalty and he shit.

On the other hand, Luis Enrique explained that the last session in Spain was tactical, with some wind that made the “dust in the air” noticeable, although the weather “will not be an excuse” and answered whether he would continue to be the coach after the World Cup . “That is what interests me and everyone the least. The goal is to have a great World Cup and give the best performance. Then we have plenty of time to see what we have done and the grade we deserve,” he said.

In addition, ‘Lucho’ pointed out that the adaptation of Alejandro Balde, the last to arrive due to José Luis Gayà’s injury, is being very good, with the help of meeting many of the internationals, and pointed out that against Costa Rica he will have everyone available, including an Álvaro Morata who arrived in Qatar with a low-grade muscle injury in his hip.

On the other hand, the ‘La Roja’ coach pointed out that he learned not to complain about the peculiarities of directing a national team. “We don’t complain about having little time, about not having training days. It’s totally different from training at a club but all the coaches are on equal terms,” ​​he said.

“I like it a lot, I’m really enjoying my time as coach and time will tell if it will be longer or not. We have to wait for the right moment to arrive. Now the attention is on the World Cup”, added a ‘Lucho’ who revealed that On Saturday there was a barbecue in the Spanish team, without watching if they drink beers, although no player drinks them.

Lastly, the Asturian coach explained his taste for Gattuso’s Valencia in the Spanish League and for also following Betis, even though they are “angry” because he does not call up his players.