This Saturday, the great confusionthe program that presents Xavier Sardá in La 1, had antonio canales among your guests. The bailaor, who years ago amassed a great fortune that he squandered on whims, is once again well off thanks, among other things, to his participation in Survivors 2021as he himself revealed.

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According to the Andalusian, his participation in the Telecinco reality show earned him a large amount of approximately 1,180,000 euros. A figure that did not leave anyone indifferent on set.

“But is this just the program?” they asked. “No, since I jumped out of the helicopter until it was over, but I have not said that it was only because of the program,” the artist qualified.

In addition, he confessed that they had tried to bribe him, although he later refused to give more details about the matter: “They offered me much more than money, but what does not come out of the heart cannot enter the mouth,” he said.

The new edition of the survival format is already warming up. The production company is already making offers to potential participants and one of the first to confirm that it has received the famous call ‘from the jungle’ has been Kiko Hernández. According to Diego Arrabal, the former big brother has asked for a not inconsiderable amount to travel to Honduras and sleep outdoors: “Thirty-five thousand euros a week, almost six million pesetas.”

It’s not much when compared to what you got Isabel Pantoja, the highest cache in the history of reality: 80,000 euros per week. They are followed in the ranking, with 30,000 euros per week, by Mila Ximénez, Carmen Lomana, Carmen Gahona or Kiko Rivera himself. Alba Carrillo earned 26,000 euros per week, while Bibiana Fernández earned 24,000 euros per week, like Edmundo Bigote Arrocet. Others, such as Amador Mohedano, Alberto Isla or Dulce stayed at 20,000, while characters like Isa Pi or Rosa Benito are at the bottom of the ranking with 15,000, according to ABC.