Cabrera, Nyom and Mata signed the getafenses goals that left the duel sentenced in just half an hour


Getafe players celebrate their victory in Legans.

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Not much more than half an hour of history had the derby between Legans and Getafe in Butarque, which took visitors to score three goals that reflected their superiority during the remaining seventy.

The dynamics do not matter when it is a duel of such rivalry. And be demonstrated. The Azulones faced a worse situation, but they stepped forward from the start and intimidated a Leganese cadre who had six official appointments without losing. The positional dominance was followed by the approaches and these goals. A corner kick from the left to the heart of the area is headed by the soul Leandro Cabrera to do the first of the night and unleash the gale.

The second one also came through the air. A throw-in on the left side ended at Cucurella's feet, which took time to look up and served a center to the second post, where Nyom He entered like a steamroller, touching his shot on the crossbar before entering. From then on, Cameroon appeared to be in a trance during the celebration of the goal scored against his former team. First he ran without apparent direction and then he stood challenger in front of his own hobby, located in one of the funds. In the end, between that, that he already had a yellow one and that he had flirted with the second one, Bordals had no choice but to stop his mpetu and change him in half an hour for Etebo.

The coach did not want the smallest detail to tear down what was built. But just in case yours generated more relief by putting another nail to the opponent's coffin. A spherical won in its own field unleashes an absolutely unbalanced counter by number of men in favor of the Getafenses. The guide Jorge Molina and culminated with pleasure Mata.

Almost without realizing it, the Legans were sunk in one of their most important days of the course. Alone scar Rodrguez exhibited caste and quality to generate some opportunity for the host, surprisingly severed after the departure, twenty million through, of Youssef En-Nesyri to Seville. The feeling that remained after the first part is that there was a plan with the Moroccan and that the alternative without him has not given time to cement it.

A final bronco

The bad thing for the blue and white is that the confrontation was lost, the good thing is that things can only get better. With that hope, and Recio in the place of Rodrigo Tarn, Javier Aguirre came to the grass after the break. Now, two don't fight if one doesn't want to. And it was clear that the neighbor was not going to do his part to enter the rag in a battle he had on track. That is why the second half became the opposite of the show.

A lot of contact, a lot of rubbing, many men rolling on the grass and a multitude of yellows. But little football and no pace. Only the critics in the stands of the two fans colored a confrontation that was already more typical of the times of black and white. Those also saw each other face each other on the pitch. But in categories of less luster. Therefore, perhaps most importantly, points aside, is that two of the leading cities in the south of Madrid again crossed their destinations in the elite. In case it is not repeated much, they should enjoy it while it lasts.

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