Letizia’s confused pull on Leonor before the princess approaches Doña Sofía

This Thursday, May 25, the confirmation of the infanta sofia. At 16 years old, she has starred in an endearing image at the gates of the church together with her parents, her sister, doña sofia and their maternal grandparents, jesus ortiz y Rock Dove. the King Juan Carloswho has not traveled from Abu Dhabi to be present at this event of a family, non-institutional nature.

Before the moment of the family photo, another image has been produced that is giving rise to talk on television gatherings and on social networks.

Princess Leonor approaches her paternal grandmother, Queen Sofía, and just at that moment her mother grabs her right arm and pulls her slightly towards her. Some think that the queen’s intention was for her youngest daughter to position herself properly and as they have previously established for this event, among Mrs. Letizia and his maternal grandmother. It must be remembered that the great protagonist of this day is the Infanta Sofía and, for this reason, she is the one who on this occasion stands between the king and the emeritus, and not his older sister.

Others, as pointed out Jaime Penafiel in it’s already noonThey think that Doña Letizia has done it intentionally so that the infanta does not star in a tender image with Doña Sofía. This theory of the journalist specialized in Casa Real has reminded us, in a certain way, of the tense moment that took place in the Cathedral of Palma in 2018 between the queen and the emeritus.

Be that as it may, the truth is that after the photograph, the family has gone to the church and, before entering, the heiress to the throne has affectionately hugged her grandmother. They have entered together. In this tour, in addition, they have exchanged complicit glances and words with the other grandmother, Paloma, showing an image of two united families.