The judicial news of Shakira makes the headlines this Monday, November 20. The singer has admitted to having defrauded 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014 before starting the trial in the Barcelona Court and she has accepted a three-year prison sentence that she will not serve as she has no criminal record. The artist, who has avoided trial due to her lawsuit with the Treasury, has also accepted the payment of a fine of 7.3 million euros. Up to 117 witnesses were scheduled to testify in the twelve scheduled sessions of the trial. “Here we go,” she confessed early this Monday upon arriving at the Palace of Justice with her legal team.

Afterwards, the interpreter of Session 53 has issued a statement in which he has declared that he has admitted the fraud for his children: “I had two options: continue fighting until the end, mortgaging my peace of mind and that of my children.stop making songs, albums and tours, without being able to enjoy my career and the things I like, or agree, close and leave behind this chapter of my life looking forward“. On Instagram, he wrote: “A wolf like me always chooses family.”

He has also questioned the Spanish tax system: “I feel that this system in Spain needs to be reviewed for the good of the citizens. And for my part I will continue to be an ally to make this happen. “There are many people who do not have the resources to pay for a good defense or even reach an agreement and have seen their lives worn out before their eyes due to discrepancies with the Treasury that could have been resolved in an area outside of the prison.”

Alessandro Lequio’s opinion

Alessandro Lequio He has given his own opinion on the matter on Telecinco. He has been very forceful against the singer: “Agreeing at the last minute is eating the bullet. The feeling I have is that if he gives up now it is because he was bluffing.“.

In this sense, the ex of Ana Obregón and Antonia Dell’Atte does not think that Shakira was innocent of the accusations: “From the first day she told us that it was a question of residence and that can be resolved by counting the days.. It shocks me. From the first day, Shakira and her lawyers had to be clear about whether she was outside Spain for more than 180 days and not get to this point.“. In this sense, he added: “For me they are excuses. If you are clear that you have not committed the fraud, you go to the end“.

It was at this point that the Italian count revealed his own problems with the treasury: “They accused me of a tax crime. I have been in a process in the same way that she has been, but at all times I was clear about my innocence. I went to the death and won. It was 17 years of hell“. And he remembered shortly after: “Two inspectors went to look for me at 9 in the morning at a golf course“.

For all this, he has ruled: “It smells to me like Shakira was bluffing and had to bite the bullet. A simple magazine can prove if he was in Zaragoza or Alaska.” Even so, he agreed with him on another point: “What he is right about is that the Spanish system must be reviewed“.