Alessandro Lequio is tired of being constantly asked about the surrogate motherhood of Ana Obregón, who had little Ana Sandra in Miami with the semen of her son who died three years ago. Biologically, the Italian count is her grandfather, but for the moment, at least, he is not in a position to meet the little girl.

It must be remembered that the actress assured that this was Aless’s last will, to have children even after death. Lequio, more than two months after the birth of the little girl, has not yet confirmed her version.

This Wednesday in Ana Rosa’s program He already said that he was not going to answer the question about whether or not he was interested in meeting little Ana Sandra, although the truth is that this Thursday he has left the door open: “What I want is peace and tranquility. Relax, discretion I don’t want noise, silence. Now is not the time, a lot of noise”, he said about it.

At the moment, his big concerns are his wife, María Palacios, and his daughter, Ginevra Ena: “I have a family with whom I am happy and a daughter that I have to educate. I am focused there. The rest will be seen,” he has insisted.

The book, the foundation and the suit of Christianar

The count has also ruled on other issues. On whether he sees the girl as similar to Aless, he said: “I’m very bad with similarities. Aless was bald, he had no hair when he was born and he was very blond, like my daughter Ena. I see this one more… This girl I see her more brunette. The girl is very cute, really, you have to tell the truth.”

On the other hand, it was commented in the gatherings that Ana wanted the little girl to be baptized in the same outfit that Aless would have worn, the one that belongs to the Lequio family and was also worn by King Juan Carlos, Felipe VI and the infantas Elena and Cristina in their baptisms. However, Lequio Sr. has denied that Aless wore this suit at her baptism.

“There are matters in which some should do a memory exercise. If you want Aless’s Christian suit, you don’t have to talk to me, Aless did not become Christian in the house suit, he became Christian in the Obregón suit. My mother in He wasn’t there for the job at that time. In fact, he didn’t even come to the christening. If he wants Aless’s suit, they have it,” he assured.

Lequio has also claimed his role in the Aless Lequio Foundation, of which he is vice president: “I contributed four million euros from a donor. The Foundation, if Ana is not there, everything is paralyzed. We already have a headquarters, which I have contributed, by the way. We have to put it in order and without Ana it can’t be done. The purpose is to help research projects. We have made two important donations on Ewing’s sarcoma.”

Unlike Ana, he remains discreet in the background. He did not even go to the presentation of the foundation, held on February 6 in Madrid, a month and a half before the birth of Ana Sandra. Finally, Alessandro has joked and between laughs, has said: “That they leave the old man alone now.”