Twelve teams will compete in the Puig Women’s America’s Cup regatta


The Catalan beauty and fashion company Puig will be the global sponsor of the 37th Sailing America’s Cup, which will take place in Barcelona in 2024, and will also give its name to the first women’s edition of the regatta, the Puig Women’s America’s Cup.

“By supporting the Puig Women’s America’s Cup regatta, Puig demonstrates its commitment to promoting gender equality within the sport of sailing,” the company said in a joint statement with the regatta organization.

Puig’s collaboration with the Copa América, to be held in Barcelona in the summer of 2024, has special significance, reflecting its local identity as a global company based in the city and its rich nautical heritage.

With a long tradition of sponsorships within the world of sailing, Puig is “proud” to support this “historical competition”. As a Global Partner, Puig will have a significant presence throughout the event, connecting with sailing enthusiasts from around the world and strengthening the visibility of its brand on a global level.

The new Puig Women’s America’s Cup is also shaping up to be one of the highlights of the 37th Copa América. In this first women’s edition there will be 12 boats, the 6 that already participate in the men’s (New Zealand, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, the United States and France) and Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Australia.

“As a Barcelona-based company deeply rooted in the city’s nautical culture and heritage, we are pleased to be a Global Partner of the 37th Copa América and name the Puig Women’s America’s Cup,” said Puig CEO Marc Puig.

“Puig’s support will help inspire future generations of women to participate in sailing competitions. The America’s Cup represents a glorious tradition of sailing excellence and we are honored to be a part of this historic event,” he added.

For his part, the CEO of AC37 Event Ltd, Grant Dalton, is proud to have Puig as a Global Partner of the 37th Copa América and as Naming Sponsor of the Women’s America’s Cup.

“Having a family business like Puig as Naming Partner of the Women’s America’s Cup really justifies the purpose and vision of the event as a direct path for women to access the Copa América,” she explained.

“Barcelona will host the best sailors in the world competing in prime-time, showcasing the existing talent and how the future of our sport is shaping up, backed by a company with a history deeply connected to sailing,” said Dalton.

Mónica Azón, coach of the Spanish Women’s America’s Cup team, SAIL TEAM BCN, thanked Puig for supporting the Women’s America’s Cup. “We believe it will be a great step forward for women’s sailing, as it was when the Committee The International Olympic Games included it in the 1988 Games and its explosion in Barcelona ’92,” he said.


It is not the first time that Puig has been associated with sailing competitions. As a sponsor of the Copa del Rey in Palma de Mallorca from 1984 to 2006, Puig worked to make this event one of the most exciting and prestigious on the international regatta circuit.

In 2008, Puig took on a new challenge with the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona by organizing the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona regatta, an international event reserved for classic and vintage boats, born with the desire to revive the spirit and tradition of classic sailing. in the city.

This year, from July 12 to 15, Barcelona will host the 16th edition of this regatta, a competition that has established itself as one of the most relevant sporting events in the Mediterranean. In 2024, the Puig Regatta will be held in September to form part of the Copa América calendar.