A solitary goal by Toni Lato, a long-distance winger with a promising future, decanted a decaffeinated, blocked derby, with the two teams starting with 35 points, with Alavés wanting to forget the drift of Vigo and Osasuna cement another course in the elite, as it seems. A stake that seemed doomed to the tie, which suited both, but which was decided by a genius from the Valencian left-handed lane, who was right. They didn't Neither Lucas nor Joselu, who condemned the Alava team, dying in the second act with Osasuna reappearing out of nowhere.

Alavés Shield / Flag

And that the envite started with a certain rhythm despite the prevailing heat with the sun plummeting. Lucas Pérez focused and Joselu Mato finished high in the first brushstroke of an Alavés before five minutes. The Galician duo of the albiazul team is the most reliable of the Garitano team, the goal responds to both. In a second action, again Lucas released a low center to the area that neither Joselu nor the young winger Borja Sainz reached by millimeters, always attentive to balls without an owner. An oasis. In Osasuna, just Enric Gallego in a fight with Ely and Laguardia, and Lato advances in lane 3. Not even an arrival to the area in the first act with little more remarkable in a thick game, stuck, without long possessions, with imprections and a lot of ball raffled by the air of Mendizorroza that plunged into a tedium while the time wasted away. Before the break, Joselu, free of mark, finished again high. He did not have his afternoon.

Osasuna Shield / Flag

The second act the decoration varied in favor of Osasuna. Contemplating until Lucas almost scored, after a long pass from Camarasa due to a lack of communication between David García, Aridane and Herrera, but the former Arsenal, always fast and cunning, could not take advantage of it. Alavés was the one who hit the most, with a more timid red team, sweeping balls in the wide area with Oier and Moncayola with the diver in tow, but without looking up. But Osasuna stretched and subdued Garitano's team. In the 61st Aridane had it adding to the attack on the center of Roberto Torres that the Canary finished off forced off the crossbar. It was Osasuna's first chance, stretching. TO followed line, Toni Lato overtook the Navarrese after a loose ball that Enric Gallego did not control in the crown of the area, which reached his left foot with Ely measuring badly in the jump and trying to rectify, and shot Pacheco. It meant his first goal in First for the Valencian striker who had grown up, he tried again in a new whiplash landing from behind with great force making Estupiñán forget, who came out in the final stretch as far left. Asier Garitano put more bullets with Burke for Luis Rioja, but Osasuna reached the final stretch stronger spurred by the advantage and nullifying a blunt Alavés in attack.

Get down

Osasuna's coach, Jagoba Arrasate, stated that the victory against Alavés gives them “a lot of air” because they came from two “very hard” defeats and they needed to feel solid. Arrasate stressed in the press room that in the second half they gained confidence and from the goal they let go, they played more in the rival field and that they saw the 0-2 closer than the draw.

The technician of the Pamplona team said that he made the changes out of fatigue and that he did not want to do more because “the team was well positioned”. “We needed defensive security and attack efficiency”, Arrasate explained, who appreciated that when they play with Enric Gallego “things can happen close by”, in reference to the goal.

He underlined the victory even more because Alavés in Mendizorroza “It is a very strong team and it is well worked”, in addition to “it is one of the most complicated fields”. Jagoba Arrasate considered that his team “gets up quickly” and admitted that it is in his script that in Primera they may have two defeats or bad moments.

Regarding the number of games in a short time, he said that many times they cannot get the team they want and stressed that they will have to adapt instead of complaining.


Oliver Burke (71 ', Luis Rioja), Edgar Mendez (78 ', Borja Sainz), Adrian Marin (78 ', Rodrigo Ely), Brasanac (80 ', Jon Moncayola), Pervis Estupiñán (80 ', Rubén García), Manu García (84 ', Camarasa), Fran Merida (87 ', Arnáiz)


Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández
VAR Referee: José Luis González González
Oier (37 ', Yellow) Lato (52 ', Yellow) Rodrigo Ely (60 ', Yellow) David Garcia (84 ', Yellow) Edgar Mendez (94 ', Yellow

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