Petra Kvitova
Petra Kvitova

Petra Kvitova, the two times Wimbledon winner says on Monday that she is more likely to prefer Grand Slams will not take place. Yes, Petra Kvitova is completely going to oppose playing Grand Slams without the fans and viewers. It is all due to the outburst of Coronavirus that now the Grand Slams have to restrict people watching the match. They surely think that it will be better to not gather up viewers when the tournament will take place in order to prevent the spreading up of the deadly Coronavirus.

Petra Kvitova Opposes Grand Slams Happening Without Viewers

Speaking on the eve of her court return, Petra Kvitova is opening up about her thoughts of Grand Slams. The 30-year-old did represent the thoughts of Roger Federer. You must surely know about Roger Federer as he did speak up last week that he will be against the idea of an empty Rolland Garros or Flushing Meadows. No players, as well as fans, want the Grand Slams tournament to happen amid the crisis.

Petra Kvitova mentions, “I have my age and of course I would like to play another Grand Slam, but if it’s like this, I’d rather cancel them.”

She continues, “Playing a Grand Slam is the greatest thing there is and playing without fans who are our engine doesn’t look nice to me and the Grand Slam doesn’t deserve it.”

Well, the crisis did manage to do a lot of terrible things that you can not be able to miss. If we are talking about the things that the Coronavirus did affect. Then this year’s French Open is now going to happen in September. Also, Wimbledon is not going to happen and the WTA tour will begin after 20 July. Everything is not going in the orderly manner as it was supposed to be due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Most fans as well as tennis players are hoping that everything will be back to normal as soon as possible. They really do not want the Grand Slams to happen without the viewers cheering up for the players.


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