The kings of Spain could have debated, and even argued, due to the disagreement in the approach that each of them as parents give to the admission of Princess Leonor to a military academy. Apparently, and as assured by the journalist Pilar Eyre, the queen letizia would not agree with the military training that his daughter is going to receive Leonor. According to the information that comes to him from sources inside the royal residence, the kings go days without speaking and shouting and slamming doors are heard in the Palacio de la Zarzuela.

Pilar Eyre assures that there has been a crisis between the kings Don Felipe and Doña Letizia as a result of Princess Leonor’s military service. And it is that Queen Letizia would be very upset with the admission of her daughter to the military academy.

Letizia does not agree that Leonor receives military training for three years and “causes tremendous discomfort.” “There have been days without speaking, slamming doors and shouting and everything has been heard by the staff who work with them,” according to what she told the magazine Lectures.