Kiko Hernández’s “stingy” gifted his wedding guests with Bingo Las Vegas merchandising: “Cutre”

Kiko Hernandez y Fran Antón They celebrated their wedding this Saturday, September 16, going through the cash register, since they sold the exclusive to the magazine that was a friend of the missing man. Save me. With the honeymoon just released, it has emerged what gifts the couple surprised their guests with, among whom were friends such as Marta Lopez, Lara Dibildos, Lydia Lozano o Kiko Matamorosamong others.

Among those attending the wedding was also Laura Fa, Kiko’s former partner in Telecinco. Precisely she has been in charge of revealing some of the gifts with which the newlyweds as husband and wife surprised their guests.

“The gifts they gave us for the wedding were with the Bingo Las Vegas seal,” he revealed this Wednesday on his Mediaset podcast. Fa showed the camera the fan with the logo of the company, for which Kiko has done advertising. On the other hand, this company is important to him on a sentimental level, since its founder, Begoña Sierra, was a close friend of Kiko.

A black candle with the same engravings in gold was added to the fan, which also had the initials of the couple and the date of the wedding engraved. These gifts were distributed during the banquet, but moments before the guests also found themselves in their respective hotel rooms with “merchandising from the Melilla government” for them. Among these gifts was a straw hat with the flag of Spain.

On social networks they have been amazed by the gifts distributed by Kiko to his guests: “I don’t know what they expected. He is capable of wearing the Mariscos Recio logo on his wedding suit”, “It couldn’t be more tacky”, “For please! A range of advertising… You have to be tacky! Well, Kiko always had a reputation for being stingy, so it’s not surprising”, “Well, it seems like a fantasy to me” or “It seems super in line with how incredibly It was all tacky, really,” some users have written on X.