The president of Mediaset Spain will change his office suit for the festive morning suit this Friday to bring together family and friends from the business world and the jet-set in what will be one of the most important social events of the year: the wedding of his son Javier. It will take place in Seville. They are friends of the former president of Endesa Infanta Elena, José María Aznar, Florentino Pérez or the Sarkozys.

His network of friends in the political, financial world and in certain sectors of the aristocracy, makes this event and Seville the capital of the social chronicle.

Borja Pradomarried to María del Pinar Benítez Toledano, who will act as godmother, is father of three children. His son’s wedding will be a grand party but also a demonstration of the power he holds.

Son of the administrator of Don Juan Carlos, Manuel Prado y Colón de Carvajal (and descendant of the conqueror Christopher Columbus), and the Marchioness of Zuya, Paloma Eulate y Aznar, the current president of Mediaset launched himself into the world of business at UBS , one of the most important banking entities in Switzerland. He also worked for Lazard, Rothschild and presided over Endesa, which he left in 2019 with a settlement of 13 million euros to land at the Mediaset of his friend Berlusconi, where he is not going through his best moments. In addition, he is passionate about bulls and in 2013 he acquired the Torrealta iron, a bull ranch that had belonged to his mother.

A Madridista, a great friend of Florentino Pérez and advisor to Key Capital and ACS, Prado defines himself as a monarchist and a very family-oriented man who has always done the impossible to have dinner at home every day, even if he later had to leave on work matters and return very late. He married María del Pinar Benítez Toledano in Medina Sidonia in 1990 and even then they attended Mario Condewith whom she did some business at the time, the singer Maria del Montethe bullfighter Paco Ojeda y Ana Obregon, with whom he had an enormous friendship at that time. Also Infanta Elena, for whom he financed the nursery school where he taught in the exclusive urbanization of La Finca.

She has three children, although the two oldest have already left the nest, and only the youngest is still at home. She is called Pilar and has inherited his father’s passion for bullfighting. She is dedicated to the breeding, care and promotion of bulls owned by her family and she has been defined by the Circle of Bullfighting Fans as the “youngest brave bull rancher in Spain.”

The oldest, Borjastudied Journalism at Georgetown University, where his father also studied, and works in the technology area of ​​the Atlantic Council, a nonpartisan organization that promotes US leadership in the world.

Finally the medium, Javier (who says “yes, I want” this Friday the 22nd in Seville), studied at the Pontificia de Comillas and worked for almost four years at JP Morgan in Mexico. Since 2019 he has been an advisor at Peninsula Capital, a fund created in 2015 by his father to manage assets of the Qatar sovereign fund (QIA). With headquarters in London, he shares office hours with Carlos Cortina (son of the late Alfonso Cortina and Miriam Lapique) and the Jean Sarkozy, son of the former French president, also a good friend of Borja Prado. In the end, everything stays at home.