Maria Jesus Montero attended this Wednesday the premiere in Madrid of The Trojansthe new play of Kiko Hernandez. The Minister of Finance and the star collaborator of Save me They were photographed at the end of the function. Kiko, who had a series of problems with the tax authorities a few years ago, shared this image of her on her social networks.

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“Thank you María Jesús Montero for your visit and for your beautiful words for The Trojans“wrote the former big brother. On the comment wall, users left messages for all tastes.

“As for which”, “That’s what the politicians of this government have been left for. Regrettable”, “Terrible photo. What you have to see”, “No comments” or “Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are”, some detractors of the Mediaset collaborator and the socialist minister wrote, as if their lives depended on it.

Kiko has also received some positive comments, although less: “Kiko, I don’t pay attention to the criticism. Go from those people who only live to criticize and vent on the networks because they don’t show their faces,” an Internet user wrote to him.

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Sevillian politics also visited Jorge Javier Vazquez a few months ago. She attended his play at the Reina Victoria Theater in Madrid and was photographed with him and other left-wing politicians such as Adriana Lastra (PSOE) or Monica Garcia (the leader of Más Madrid).

Kiko received the Finance Minister with a smile. Although, perhaps, a few years ago, her reaction would not have been the same. Seven years ago she had an inspection from the Treasury. The treasury then demanded more than 700,000 euros after buying a house and having up to four more mortgages. It was at that time when the great (former) friend of hers, Belen Rodriguezwould have lent him the 100,000 euros that so many controversies have unleashed in recent days.

In 2017, in addition, it emerged that the tax authorities were demanding more than 145,000 euros and seized his house in the Chamberí neighborhood, in Madrid, as a preventive and provisional seizure.