They are his most faithful friends, the unconditional ones, on whom he relies Inigo Onieva in their toughest moments. Called julito, rumbon y Titoa parrot and two dogs that their owner adores and loves.

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Julito, they tell us, is talkative, in his animal language he knows how to say a few words, and it’s quite a show. Both the parrot and the two dogs live in the family chalet of the Onieva Molas, the luxurious urbanization of Puerta de Hierro.

Íñigo is known for other loves very different from those that have pushed him to infidelity and subsequent breakup with Tamara Falco. It stands out for its animal character and its solidarity as a protector of animals. It is the other face of the infidel, the flirting predator becomes a man very attached to social causes.

Let it be known, the controversial Onieva has collaborated, along with his brothers, in campaigns to help the most needy children, groups affected by poverty and natural disasters and other causes for the most disadvantaged.