The Latin American press has once again turned on the alarms for the state of health of Julio Iglesias at 79 years old. According to the program in the afternoonfrom América TV, in Argentina, the famous singer has serious mobility problems that force him to be in a wheelchair and his memory has also been affected.

“He had a very, very young man, a terrible accident for which he had to undergo an intervention on his spine and this brought him a lot of pain and many inconveniences throughout his life,” explained the journalist. Cora Debarbieri about the origin of the supposed physical deterioration of the musician.

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But the presenter Matias Vazquez He went even further: “They tell me it’s tremendous. The driving part and the cognitive part don’t respond to Julio Iglesias. He doesn’t directly remember his own songs anymore.” “The reality is that those people who were related to Julio Iglesias, today, do not reach him and that is what worries him, that Julio does not pick up a phone or does not answer calls,” added Vázquez.

It is not the first time that his own friends are said to be surprised at how far the ex-husband is from Isabella Preysler from them. “What’s going on, Julito? Why so silent? That’s why, so many conjectures, Jorge Rial said that Puma Rodríguez, when leaving your house, affirmed that he saw you in a wheelchair, Daniel Scioli came out to deny Puma Rodríguez, but that came out in all the media. Friend, I suggest you go out and show your face, people ask me knowing about our friendship and I say ‘I don’t know anything’, what’s going on, Julito?” the message that the Argentine announcer wrote Alberto Mateykoa friend of Julio Iglesias, on his social networks a few months ago.

At the moment, the artist has not denied said information. But it should be remembered that in March, in the midst of the controversy over the breakup of the mother of Tamara Falco con Mario Vargas LlosaJulio came to the fore after several years away from the media spotlight to defend the honor of the mother of three of his children, Chabeli, Enrique y Julio Jose: “The behavior of Mr. Vargas Llosa has left a lot to be desired. I know that I am putting myself in a shirt of eleven yards and that this is not like me, but I want to do it for my ex-wife, for Isabel, because she deserves it and because it is deeply unfair how they are behaving towards her”.

“Isabel will have my support and my love and today it was not going to be less, I just do it publicly. Whatever the breakup was, a gentleman and a man knows how to end things. He goes out publicly and wishes the other person all the happiness”, said to Hola from the Bahamas, where he shares his life with Miranda Rijnsburger, the Dutch woman with whom he has been with for 30 years and is the mother of his five young children, Miguelthe Twins Victoria y Cristina, Guillermo y Rodrigo.